Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rachel's Blanket Ministry Meets at Brookdale

Fun day at Brookdale with Jimmie Lou and Betty.    From Left to Right Top to Bottom(Bev, Debbie, Marge, Betty, Jimmie Lou)

Rachel's Blanket Ministry Visits Brookdale

The February meeting of Rachel's Blanket Ministry was held at Brookdale Assisted Living.   Jimmie Lou Price and Betty Schulhof were the special guest.   Ms. Price has made dozens of blankets, scarves and caps for the Rachel's Blanket Ministry.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

What Rachel's Blanket Ministry has been up to in 2014!!

Broach, Beverly and Shelia from Rachel's Blanket Ministry

The year has flown by!!    Rachel's Blanket Ministry was busy this year.  We added more projects and members.   Some of the activities of the group in 2014 included the following.
  • Baby Blankets - Blankets are made and donated to the Douglasville Pregnancy Resource Center.   The blankets go in their "store" and women participating in the program can purchase the blankets with "points" they earn by participating in the program.
  • DFUMC Baby Blankets - Blanket as made and given to each new baby born in the DFUMC family.   This year we also included "grandbabies" of members.   Two of our own members had their first grandbaby and blankets were given to Beverly and Sandy for their new grandchildren.
  • Angel Blankets - Blankets are made for Wellstar Hospital in Douglasville, GA.   These blankets have a special mission because they are use for infants of fetal demise.   A tragic but important ministry.
  • Scarves and Caps for Burnett Elememtary School - Scarves and Caps are made for the clothes closet at Burnett Elementary School.    DFUMC has adopted this school and this project is one of many that support the teachers and children of the school.
  • Scarves and Caps for Department of Family and Children Services - This project is new for 2014.  Rachel's Blankets partnered with DFUMC Women's Missionary Union to provide scarves and caps for children that come for services.
  • Military Skull Caps - Each year in November military skull caps and goodies are sent to service men and women of DFUMC family and friends.   A special dedication service is held in November and veterans in the congregation participate in the pray and dedication.
  • Prayer Shawls - Prayer shawls and lap blankets are made for DFUMC Stephen's Ministry.   The blankets are given to people experiencing illness, grief and or hardship.   
Throughout the year, the blankets, shawls, caps and scarves are dedicated in the three services at DFUMC.   All members donated the materials, time and talent to make these beautiful items.   The team's influence has been felt around the world and has touched many lives.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

September 2014 Meeting of Rachel's Blanket Ministry

Broach, Marge, Debbie, Shelia, Sandy at the September 2014 meeting
This month Broach made quilted Angel Blankets for the WellStar project.    Shelia was new to the group but already jumping in to get the military cap pattern to make skull caps for the Military project.   This month we saw a great need for prayer shawls in our congregation after the deaths of several members.   The team was able to meet this need for the Stephen's Ministry project.   Jimmie Lou continues to be the star in making baby blankets each month.   Marge, Bev, Debbie, Janet and Sandy all had items to contribute to projects this month.   Thanks to Bev for making the baby blanket for Maggie's shower.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rachel's Blankets Ministry Update



Rachel’s Blanket ministry is about more than blankets.    There is a team of women who are faithfully using their talents to bless people in our community and around the world.   Whether you crochet, knit, quilt, etc. there is a place for your talent.    Here is a sample of what Rachel’s Blanket Ministry has been doing this year.

·         Baby Blankets for the Pregnancy Resource Center

·         Angel Blankets for Well Star Hospital

·         Baby Blankets for new babies in our church family

·         Prayer shawls and lap blankets for Stephen’s Ministry

·         Scarves & Caps for Burnett Elementary School

·         Military Skull Caps and Goodie Boxes for military family and friends serving abroad

·         Scarves sold and money donated to support two missionaries in Africa

This ministry has touched hundreds of people.   Each item is prayerfully made.   We are please to not only have DFUMC women as members but many of our church family have mothers and grandmothers who make items.   

How can you help?

·         Pray for the ministry members and the people who receive each item that is made.

·         Donate to Rachel’s Blanket Ministry your left over yarn.

·         Donate money to Rachel’s Blankets Ministry for postage and purchase of goodies to mail with military skull caps.

·         Join the group and make a scarf, cap, blanket, shawl, etc.

Contact Janet Deal  for more information or follow us on


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Packing Day for the Goodie Boxies to Military

Beverly packs the caps!

Margaret filling up the goodies box.

Marge & Lee learn a new stitch.
Sandy has a goodies box ready to be mailed.
On November 14, 2012 Rachel's Blanket Ministry packed Military Goodies Boxes for 5 soldiers.    The group made military skull caps to include in the box.   Thanks to Phyllis and Debbie for their help.    Members brought caps and goodies to pack.   We had very generous donations from Gary and also from Neil's mom.    Thanks to all!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Military Skull Cap Dedication - November 11, 2012

Douglasville First United Methodist Church - November 11, 2012 Veterans participate in the pray of dedication for the Military Skull Caps
Afghan and Military Skull Caps